Port Blakely Land Will Close During Any Red Flag Event

Regardless of status shown on our Public Access page or on gate signage, Port Blakely lands are automatically closed to public access during a Red Flag Warning/Fire Weather/Excessive Heat Watch event.

A Red Flag Warning/Fire Weather Watch is a fire weather warning issued by the local National Weather Service. It indicates that the day's weather conditions will contribute to extreme fire behavior if a brush fire does start.

We do this to protect our forests and because most wildland fires are caused by people. Public agencies collect firefighting expenses from those responsible for starting a wildfire, including recreational visitors.

How do I know if there is a Weather Warning?

Many mobile weather apps will have alerts or you can view the National Weather Service alert page (click on map for specific warnings).

To learn more about fire danger, check these Forestry Agency websites:

  • In Washington, the Department of Natural Resources has a page about fire danger.
  • In Oregon, the Department of Forestry has a page about restrictions and closures.