Our New Look

Re-seeing What's Possible

Every day is an opportunity to improve, to take stock of where we’ve been, and rally around where we want to go. At Port Blakely, this is how it’s been for five generations, and how it will be for many generations more.

Today, Port Blakely, our divisions, and the relationships we have with customers are as strong as ever. To convey that strength, our three Port Blakely divisions have been unified with updated names. They are: US Forestry, NZ Forestry, and PLS International.

Also refreshed are how we look and how we sound. Combined, our new brand identity is an up-to-date reflection of who we are and what we believe, an expression of the change we wish to manifest in the world.

For a more sustainable tomorrow, Port Blakely views today–and every day–as an opportunity to:

  • Create a positive long-term impact, through cultivating healthy forests and providing renewable forest products.
  • Build connections that endure, among colleagues, customers, and local communities.
  • Promote an exuberance for excellence, by holding ourselves to a higher standard: our own. 
  • Contribute to the collective good, knowing that in every deed, as in every seed, is a forest of good.