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We value our connection to our neighbors, customers, and the communities where we all live and work. Here is some news we are proud to share:

PSBJ Family Business of the Year

Feb 04, 2019

Seattle, WA. Port Blakely has kept its focus on sustainable management both in nature and the boardroom. The century-old forestry company embraces change and family values. READ MORE

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Port Blakely Named Family Business of the Year

Jan 07, 2019

Seattle, WA. Seattle-based Port Blakely is the PSBJ's Family Business of the Year. Under Ancinas' leadership, Port Blakely has been on a mission to "cultivate a healthy world," which has included becoming one of the first timber companies to offer carbon credits to Pacific Northwest companies, entering into agreements with...

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Port Blakely Launches New Brand

Jan 18, 2017

Port Blakely unveiled its new brand today by introducing an updated name and look that builds on its rich history and future-first vision as a family-owned renewable forest products company. “Our company is built on the belief that what we do every day will help create a better tomorrow,” said...

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The Torii Gates that Crossed the Pacific

Feb 04, 2016

Nearly five years have passed since the Tohoku region of Japan was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami. Although the disaster brought great hardship and pain to innumerable people, it also produced many stories that demonstrate the depth of the human connection. These include the story of two kasagi...

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