Tauranga Barge Company

A subsidiary of Port Blakely Ltd


Owned by the Tauranga Barge Company, a subsidiary of Port Blakely Ltd., and staffed by a certified skipper and deckhand, Skookum is a 30-metre, roll-on and roll-off vehicle ferry operating in the Tauranga Harbour. Skookum provides safe, user-friendly service between the mainland and Matakana Island to fee-paying traffic.

Service Locations: Ramps
  • Matakana - Pane Pane ramp (Forest Access Permit may apply) 
  • Mount Maunganui - Port of Tauranga - Butters Landing (Forestry only - Port access card required)
  • Tauranga - Sulfur Point, Cross Road (adjacent to Sanford Fish Shop)  

Two heavy truck and trailer units plus seven cars, or 21 cars, or one truck and trailer plus 12 cars.

Maximum Load 

120 tonnes (deck area 30 x 10 metres)


Sailing times vary depending on forestry operations on Matakana Island, but typical weekday hours are 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Contact the ferry for availability. Special sailings, callouts and charters can be arranged.

Fares, Contacts, Terms and Conditions


Tauranga Barge Current Price List


One way incl GST

Return incl GST

A = Truck – Trailer



A* = Off highway truck



B = Heavy truck/TT up



C = Heavy vehicle (3000-5000kg)



G = Light work truck



D = Light vehicles (<2000kg, car, ute)



E = Small trailer



F = Passengers



As of 1 February 2018

Please note that these fares may not include Wharfage charged by ramp providers.

Terms and Conditions of Carriage of Goods
  1. Goods are carried at "limited carrier's risk". This means that for the purpose of the Carriage of Goods Act 1979, the Tauranga Barge Company Ltd. will only be liable for any damage or loss to any goods up to the value as specified in section 15(1) of the Carriage of Goods Act 1979.
  2. The passenger acknowledges that where the carriage of goods under this contract is a carriage of goods for business purposes in terms of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, the provisions of that Act do not apply.
  3. Tauranga Barge Company Ltd. has the right to refuse carriage of any goods that are in any way volatile in nature, offensive or likely to cause harm to other passengers or crew.
  4. The carriage of dangerous goods is regulated by the maritime Rules of the Maritime Safety Authority. Dangerous goods must be declared to Tauranga Barge Company Ltd. prior to boarding. All goods are carried at the discretion of Tauranga Barge Company Ltd.
  5. Tauranga Barge Company Ltd. only accepts responsibility for goods placed or left on board up to the value as specified in section 15(1) of the Carriage of Goods Act.

Vessel contact: 027 476 3599
Office: 07 575 0049
Manager and after hours: 027 407 0347