John Warjone inducted into Forestry Leadership Hall

Honoring a champion of sustainable forestry

The forestry industry came together on Thursday, November 14th in Portland, Oregon to celebrate John “Onny” Warjone, former Port Blakely President of Forestry, and his induction into the World Forestry Center’s Leadership Hall. Warjone joins a distinguished list of visionaries who have advanced the forestry industry worldwide.

Onny is the fourth member of Port Blakely’s ownership family to be inducted into the Forestry Hall, joining his grandfather James G. Eddy, great uncle John W. Eddy, and cousin Garrett Eddy.

In introducing the honoree, Mike Warjone, Port Blakely’s Vice President of Operations and Onny’s son, told the crowd the story of how a southern California kid came to and made his home in the Pacific Northwest.

“He went to work for the distant family business in the brushy forests of Grays Harbor county. And as it turns out, he quickly fell in love with the place and the work. He was hooked, and he knew that this was where he wanted to spend the rest of his life.”

And what an impact that decision has had on this company and industry.

Mike went onto list Onny’s many achievements during his 36 years with Port Blakely, the last decade as president of the company’s US Forestry division before his retirement in 2006. Among them, driving Port Blakely’s commitment to stewardship forestry and investing in leading forestry practices including the company’s first Habitat Conservation Plan. He took the company global to the forests of New Zealand and helped secure the sustainability of the company’s forests at home by helping bring together the coalition that crafted Washington State’s hallmark Forest and Fish law. Always with an eye to the next generation, Onny was also instrumental in establishing Port Blakely’s much-loved Environmental Education program which will soon welcome it’s 100,000th student.

On the plaque that now sits in the Forestry Hall with his formal picture and impressive biography, Onny’s reflection on his career with Port Blakely is telling, “I’d do it all over again, and you don’t have to pay me. I just love working in the woods.”

Thanks Onny, we’re glad you did.