Our small role in YouTube’s #TeamTrees

Have you heard about the YouTube campaign to plant 20 million trees?

Port Blakely was approached by our friends at DroneSeed who wanted to use our forest as the setting for a #TeamTrees video, part of a YouTube campaign to raise $20 million to plant 20 million trees by 2020. 

We were in. After all, we plant 1.5 million trees in our own forests every year – 3 to 4 for each one we harvest. Plus, we are excited about the potential DroneSeed has for our industry, to more easily replant forests hit by catastrophic fires, an all too real possibility as climate change continues to wreck our planet.

So, check out Mark Rober’s video, a chunk of which was shot in our forest which also served as DroneSeed’s real world R&D lab over the summer. EIGHT MILLION views and counting… See the video here.