PB trees star at Glacier Park Lodge

As part of a major renovation project, Douglas fir logs from the company's Lewis County, Wash. forests now grace the historic hotel

In the spring of 2017, Port Blakely area forester Jerry Bailey got a call from a log buyer in Montana looking for some very special trees.

Nothing unusual in that. Our foresters often receive calls from log buyers across the country, but this call was different. The caller wasn't looking for just any trees, he was looking for big, BEAUTIFUL trees that would headline a high-profile project: replacing the original log columns at the entrance of the historic Glacier Park Lodge.

One component of Port Blakely's approach to stewardship forestry, is growing some trees longer than is standard in our industry. This delivers benefits ranging from high-quality logs and increased carbon sequestration to enhanced wildlife habitat and water quality. The result: bigger trees that are the perfect fit for the venerable Glacier Lodge.

See the beautiful outcome: Restoring the Historic Glacier Park Lodge.