Partnering on Blakely Harbor Cleanup

Port Blakely is in the early stages of working with the Washington State Department of Ecology to investigate and determine a cleanup plan for a former sawmill site on Bainbridge Island.

Blakely Harbor Park is located on the site of a former sawmill that operated from 1864 until 1923. Over that period, the mill was run by several companies, including the Port Blakely Mill Company. At one point, it was one of the world’s largest sawmills, producing cut lumber and shipping it around the world. After the mill closed in 1923, a predecessor to Port Blakely which focused solely on forestry, purchased the property.  

Although the site has undergone a nearly 100-year period of limited development and natural recovery, remnants of the former mill remain, including wood debris, the mill pond, and the power house building. Port Blakely is now partnering with the Department of Ecology, Island residents, and other stakeholders to be part of a sustainable cleanup project that ensures the park remains a recreational, environmental and cultural resource for the Bainbridge community.

For information visit the Department of Ecology website