PB Joins Racial Equity Coalition

Building an equitable future for Washington state

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion across our business and in the communities we operate in, Port Blakely is proud to be a founding member of Washington Employers for Racial Equity (WERE). This growing business coalition launched with a commitment from 55+ companies to build an equitable future for Washington state.

Over the past six months, corporate leaders across our state have been on a journey to listen, learn, and better understand the causes and impacts of racial inequity here. They started by gathering data and listening to Black community and business leaders; diversity, equity, and inclusion specialists; and data and research experts. Their findings are included in a new report that clearly documents the inequities that Black Washingtonians and their families experience across multiple dimensions of life – including healthcare, education, criminal justice, personal finance, and the corporate workplace. The interrelated effects of these inequities compound over time, cross generations, and exist regardless of socioeconomic status or education level. Unfortunately, COVID-19 and the recession are only magnifying disparities. Read the report.

This research informed creation of WERE and the coalition’s goals for 2030, including driving equity for Black Washingtonians in the corporate sector, supporting Black-owned businesses, and pursuing actions and policies that will support equity across Washington communities. Coalition members have a goal to invest a combined $2 billion to support racial equity over the first five years. The ultimate goal is equity and opportunity for all. Read the commitment.

This is both a significant and overwhelming undertaking, but one we believe is critical for the future of our company and our state.