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Kaitiakitanga o te Ngahere “Guardians of the forest”
Central Rural Life, March 27, 2019

Mar 28, 2019

The recent fire season has proven how critical public-private partnerships are to protect our forests and communities. Central Forestry Services is a silviculture crew from the small town of Waimate that works with local forestland owner Port Blakely and is making huge waves in the Rural Fire sector in New...

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Family Business of the Year
Port Blakely’s roots run deep in the Northwest

Feb 04, 2019

Seattle, WA. Port Blakely has kept its focus on sustainable management both in nature and the boardroom. The century-old forestry company embraces change and family values. The Civil War was raging and Washington was still a territory when former sea captain William Renton made a $10 down payment on 165...

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The Torii Gates that Crossed the Pacific
American View

Feb 04, 2016

Nearly five years have passed since the Tohoku region of Japan was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami. Although the disaster brought great hardship and pain to innumerable people, it also produced many stories that demonstrate the depth of the human connection. These include the story of two kasagi...

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In a Timber Wars Turnabout, Washington Tree Farm Improves Habitat for Spotted Owl
Port Blakely voluntarily creates 45,000 acres of habitat favorable to the squirrels, voles and mice that spotted owls hunt

Dec 02, 2010

Tree 1007 is a western hemlock, gnarled by nature and now girdled by man. A forester chiseled off a 3-inch-wide band of its thick bark, circling the tree to create a deathly halo of exposed cambium layer. Girdling disrupts the flow of nutrients from the roots and creates a pathway...

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